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Let's talk about fitness, food or family.

I love talking about stories of success and empathizing in seasons of struggle.

Hi, I'm Brooke

I love to create and connect. I've been creating my whole life. Art. Relationships. Photos. A Fitness Community. My journey has been challenging but life-changing. As a teenager, I developed an unhealthy relationship with food and fitness, but through the help of wonderful people around me, I found help and healing. After my early years of marriage and babies, followed by helping a family member through a long season of cancer, I found a calling in helping other women find joy in prioritizing their own health and wellness. My focus has been to do it through the power of community and I LOVE talking about it! If you are interested in hearing more or talking on your podcast about any of the topics below, feel free to reach me

Interview Topics

The importance of community in fitness

I believe the key to long term success in any endeavor, including fitness, is the community that a person sounds themselves with. Whether it is at a local gym, neighborhood or online, most women fail to sustain a healthy lifestyle without others who are on a similar journey. A deep tribe of women who share similar values is the greatest determiner of a woman’s long term health success.

Using creative gifts in the service of others

Everyone has a superpower. Something they were born with and released to do, but more importantly, to bless others with. Women need to understand who they are and how much they can serve the world around them simply by being proactive and themselves. I’ve been privileged enough to be able to watch my gifts make an impact on others and I want to encourage others to do the same.

Challenges of motherhood and personal health

I have sat with countless women over the years and listened to their stories of difficulty as they are trying to balance their hormones, bodies, relationships and jobs all at the same time. Having experienced raising a family while also working on several different business and trying to find time to prioritize my health, I understand the pain that women feel and believe its more about who you become in the process than trying to be some image of perfection along the way.

Collaboration as a key to success in business

I am fully aware of the pieces of a business that are in my lane and am often reminded of the areas in which I am extremely incompetent. I’ve learned how to surround myself with people who help me focus and finish all the projects that I love to start and all the people I have helped to activate. In order to truly build something great, it takes a full team with many different skills and I could not have built BTRIBALFIT without others.

Issues dealing with childhood abuse and eating disorders

A significant part of my story as a woman, especially one who works in the fitness industry, is my family of origin and the healing I’ve experienced dealing with past trauma. A painful childhood lead to a multi-year eating disorder in my late teens. In many ways, BTRIBALFIT is the positive side of what was a controlling way of life I was raised in. Being willing to talk openly about past pain with women is always the first step that is necessary for the healing that needs to take place.

The Heart of B•TRIBAL•FIT

I understand the overwhelmed feeling that women have trying to stay healthy. In order to feel free and confident in your own skin and season requires a plan and people around you. I love to help activate and connect women who need to be empowered with a healthier way to live and an easier way to eat and exercise.