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Savannah Verdier

Van Buren, AR, United States


Sep 22 at 06:56 AM

Whew this week has been a doozy, but I finally made it to Friday! This was a great workout to start my day. Have a happy Friday, friends!

Replied on Saturday HIIT

Sep 16 at 12:55 PM

Well it turned out great! I never realized there was an issue. Thanks for making it work so I could do this awesome workout 😃



Sep 16 at 06:54 AM

I finally (almost) had time to do the new September HIIT. I got in 1,2 and 3 then the core section of 4. I’ll have to press play on it again when I have time for all 4 because I have FOMO. Now, I’m off to work all day!


Hiit 35.2


Sep 15 at 06:49 AM

🙌🏼great Friday workout! I’ve done this workout before and loved it even more this time. Added to my favs!


Sep 09 at 11:14 AM

Happy Saturday! I woke up early and did some Pilates plus and now I’m enjoying this beautiful day with my family 💛

Commented on Porch workout

Sep 09 at 10:51 AM

Great work!



Sep 08 at 08:54 AM

My phone/tv were having issues this morning, so I pressed play on the laptop. I’m a couple of days behind due to illness at my house. It felt soooo good to workout again this morning 🙌🏼

Commented on Barre Circuits

Sep 05 at 07:17 AM

Great job pressing play early this morning and getting back into your routine!



Sep 05 at 07:14 AM

I used my elliptical instead of a chair in the 2nd video. The poor thing has been neglected since that July shred. This barre workout is all new moves and such a great challenge!

Commented on Yay for new workouts!

Sep 04 at 12:15 PM

Enjoy your day with them! Good job getting in your workout early!