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Michele George

Commented on HIIT 35

Sep 23 at 07:18 PM

Glad you listened to your body and did the push it🩷


Commented on Meal Prep!!

Sep 23 at 07:17 PM

Made this one and it is DELICIOUS!!


Sep 23 at 07:17 PM

So fun!!



Sep 22 at 08:50 AM

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done yoga and I could definitely tell it! But it felt SO GOOD this morning🩷 The moves and the playlist🥰

Commented on Friday HIITs!

Sep 22 at 07:52 AM

Way to go Sam! Yes, outside workouts are the best!💦


Commented on Cardio sculpt

Sep 22 at 07:51 AM

Great work Savannah!! Hope you have a restful weekend🩷



Sep 21 at 05:47 PM

The list maker in me loves a good ✔️
One of my favorite features on here. Love this fast, full body strength training workout💪🏻🔥

Commented on Mixing it up

Sep 21 at 08:22 AM

Great combination!! And I can’t believe how much your pup looks like hazel🩵



Sep 20 at 09:26 AM

Will try to get the core in later. Two of my favorites in one day-boxing and weights!
Hazel apparently wasn’t bothered by all the weights being thrown around😂

Commented on Weights Waterfall

Sep 20 at 09:22 AM

Way to move your body Sam!!