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September 23
• Edited (Sep 23, 2023)

Hi sweet ladies. Hope you can find time for yourself this weekend. Breathe and find gratitude and possibly move your body :)
I’ve been intentionally meal prepping more the past few weeks and LOVING the healthy eats!! I’ve posted 3 recipes on Instagram I’d love for you to check out.
Here’s the recent Turkey Chili 🌶️

Love you all, thx for being here!! -B

September 24
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Got to go to the mountains with family this past week and was able to do a BTRIBALFIT workout with my mother in law! We did the 20 minute weights workout and added a few hill sprints for good measure 😅I love the portability of these workouts!

September 24
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Ran 4.5 miles this morning and ran into some old friends and walked 3 miles with them catching up. My hips and triceps are sore but slowly getting better. Really nice way to start the day!

September 23

Finally was able to do the last workout from September I hadn’t done yet: HIIT 35! Anne always comes with a big smile and lots of energy. It was a fun HIIT. My ankle is a little swollen from kickball yesterday so I didn’t jump around as much but I was still able to do the moves.

September 22

I did 30-minutes of yoga this morning and played 2 games of charity kickball. I didn’t track kickball on my watch but I played in the rain, ran hard, & laughed a lot. It was fun!

September 22
• Edited (Sep 22, 2023)

Forgot a post workout pic so here I am before heading out the door 😄
These were loaded with cardio!! I’ll remember to reach for it when I have all the energy ✨✨ would be fun to do outside as well/ maybe not in the heat like our sweet guests did 😂
I’m already considering that I made it to the weekend even tho I am going to work 😆😮‍💨looking forward to a few days and evenings at home! Happy Friday to everyone!!! 😘


Hiit 35.1

September 22

Whew this week has been a doozy, but I finally made it to Friday! This was a great workout to start my day. Have a happy Friday, friends!

September 22

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done yoga and I could definitely tell it! But it felt SO GOOD this morning🩷 The moves and the playlist🥰

September 21

Grabbed the cardio from Monday and the core from Wednesday today. Just because.

September 21
• Edited (Sep 22, 2023)

The list maker in me loves a good ✔️
One of my favorite features on here. Love this fast, full body strength training workout💪🏻🔥